This new series is based on Mumtaz's recent film art=(love)2. These painting are part of the film script. Painting becomes the process of searching and using art as a tool to find an artist happiness...and lost love. Art and mathematics: a unique relationship. An artist has lost his love to mathematics, and frustrated, he splatters … Continue reading Art=(love)2

Modern Mystic

Invoking the Islamic tradition of poetry as visual expression, this collection combines traditional calligraphy and images from Sufi poetry. This series of paintings, steeped in references to Mughal miniature paintings and Sufic verse, brings together aspects of Hussain's own cultural heritage -- and although the strands are diverse, the appropriated imagery converges into a harmonious … Continue reading Modern Mystic

The Soul of Civilization

This series of paintings, called collectively The Soul of Civilization and completed in summer of 2002, continues the artist's fascination with language and history, but at a more fundamental, archetypal level.